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29 03 2008
Ann VanSlyke

How can we be listed under “shopping” on your website?

25 07 2008

Anyone notice the black carbon poles going up on Nelson Ferry? There are at least two. Are these for WiFI or what are they for?

25 07 2008

They are indeed Wi-Fi poles Robin. I saw the labeled stakes in the ground prior to their installation. But perhaps due to the wooded neighborhood, I still have no city wi-fi service at last check.

14 08 2008

How do you know when the Decatur wi-fi poles in your neighborhood are actually working? Decatur wifi shows up on my network list, but it is way too weak to actually use. If the poles I saw them putting up down the street about a month are working now there is no way I will able to use Decatur wifi in my home.

2 09 2008

Hello everyone – I am making plans to move to your beautiful town from Montgomery, AL – I hope before the end of the year. I’m excited about Decatur High school for my son – and all of the fabulous Decatur ambiance. I hope to find a home in the Oakhurst/Winonna Park area – that’s where I’m focusing my attention, in any case.

I just wanted to say hi!

26 10 2008

I live near Clairemont/Scott and am disappointed in the low-tech connectivity in Decatur’s touted WIFI. I have to go into my neighbor’s yard (fortunately he is understanding) to get even the barest, slowest connection. I thought I was living close to one of the antennas but apparently not. Any idea what’s up? John Williams

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