Upon Reinspection, Taqueria del Sol Gets 93A

28 05 2009

Since I gave the last score such prominance, it’s only fair to give the reinspection the same.

Steve from Taqueria writes in with word that upon reinspection Taqueria got a 93A by the health department.

Very glad to hear it!

May Restaurant Blurbs

28 05 2009

A few notes from around the city…

  • According to the Decatur Minute, Leon’s Full Service is now open for lunch daily at 11:30a (except Monday).
  • Also from the Minute, Greene’s is offering 40% off all in-store purchases today in honor of one of the owners birthdays.
  • As was noted in a recent post, Cafe Cliche is now open for business in the old Indie Coffee & Books space and is serving Button Cakes Bakery cupcakes.
  • Next Stop notes that Bistro in a Box will have weekly food and wine tastings on Saturday from 12p-6p.  “Some of our usual offerings include basil crusted chicken, peppercorn flank steak, hummus, a cheese display, spinach and artichoke dip, and other menu items that we are developing. It is all free and open to anyone.”
  • According to Daily Candy, The Cookie Studio has new weekend hours (Sat 12p-5p)
  • Tastings will be featuring live music on Saturday nights from 8:30p-10:30p.  This Saturday Jeff Soileau will be playing ambient instrumental acoustic guitar.

Anything else?

A Cross Section of Health Inspection Scores

24 05 2009

In an effort towards fairness, I’ve provided a larger list of restaurant and school cafeteria health inspection scores across the city after the jump. If anyone wants to put together an Atlanta-wide list, in an effort towards even greater fairness, go for it.

Looks to me like if you score below 80, you get a chance at redemption with a follow up inspection a couple weeks later.  I assume this will also apply to Taqueria in the coming weeks.  So, while you sip margaritas and wait in line, keep an eye out for an updated #. Read the rest of this entry »

Taqueria de Sol’s Health Inspection Score Drops

22 05 2009

A reader writes in…

Taqueria del Sol on Ponce recently got a 77 “C” rating on their health inspection. I couldn’t bring myself to study the rating sheet long enough to see the reasons. One of the few places left in town that everyone in my family is willing to go (that and BSP), so I’m a bit taken aback by this discovery.

I’m pretty sure it was in the 90s last I saw.  Let’s hope we can get a decent explanation as to the cause of this decline.

UPDATE: FH and DecaturMom4 give us a links to the details in the comments section.

UPDATE II: Read Taqueria’s response after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

Voila Market Cafe Closes

18 05 2009

Voila closed

My wife reports this morning that the space that once housed Voila Market Cafe now has an “Available” sign in the window and the interior looks in the midst of disassembly.

I wonder what will happen to Button Cakes Bakery, which just opened inside the Voila  a couple of months ago inside the Viola space.

Paris Now Serves Lunchtime BBQ

11 05 2009

…North Carolina BBQ to be specific.

Barb Rowland sends in the specifics.


Located two blocks west of Decatur Marta station and Court House

308H Ponce de Leon Place – Decatur, GA 30030 (404) 932-0737

North Carolina BBQ with pulled pork/ribs/chicken/ mac n cheese/sweet potato fries..the works..starting at $5.25 Take out also!

InDecatur has posted a copy of the new spot’s menu, taken off its Facebook page.

Trackside Will Return

6 05 2009

Trackside owner “Doc Al” just wrote in with this comment to a previous post

Yes, Trackside is definitely coming back – plans for the re-build are currently being formulated. However – it appears that quite a bit of the existing building is going to have to be demolished before it can be rebuilt, so – don’t get worried if you see bulldozers at work in the near future. The goal is to re-create as much of the old Trackside as possible along with some modern upgrades behind the scenes. Stay tuned for updates as the weeks and months go by.

Sweet.  It will be interesting to see exactly how detailed they get in “recreating” the old bar.

Best o’ luck Al!