Atlanta is “Unhappy”? BusinessWeek is Stupid.*

4 03 2009

Yeah, doesn’t feel so great when you’re on the receiving end of random, statistical assertions, does it?

If you are a true “new media” geek, I’m sure this story is so 9:30a this morning, but I just need to do a little wrath-venting… so please humor me.

Business Week recently ranked the nation’s unhappiest cities based on a bunch of strange qualifiers, which included such things as depression, suicide rates, crime, divorce rate and cloudy days.  Yeah, cloudy days.

Atlanta ranked 10th based on this random assortment of weird stats, mostly because of the crime rate (#2).  But whatever.  Congrats Atlanta, add “Unhappy” to your scrapbook of useless, but endlessly blogged and tweeted about city rankers!

The real shocker in my opinion is the #1 unhappy city.  Seriously?  How’s that possible?

OK, sorry about that.  I guess I’m just lashing out because I’m still going through the acceptance phase of acknowledging my general “unhappiness”.  Thanks for the intervention BusinessWeek!

* “Stupid” rankings are based on # of pointless, competitive rankers produced by a publication in a given year/month/whatever.

CL Readers Pick Decatur As Best Atlanta “Suburb”

24 09 2008

Creative Loafing’s “Best of Atlanta 2008” is now online, and it looks like Decatur again rated the city’s “best suburb” among its alt-hipster, pinko-liberal, free-newspaper-loving, much-hyphenated readership!  Leave it to those facist CL “critics” to rate Chamblee as their pick for best Atlanta ‘burb.

Also, congrats to Pecanne Log (critics #1) and Blissful Glutton (readers #1) for ranking as the top local Atlanta blogs!

(For Thomas Wheatley’s eyes only:  I THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL!?!  I provide you with lots of uncomfortably erotic plastic surgery ads for CL and you give DM a little love!  Well I’ll tell ya…that’s the last time I’m entering into a contractual agreement on a napkin with you!  Where’s that # for Sunday Paper?)

(For CL editor Ken Edelstein’s eyes only:  The above note to Thomas was made in jest.  Please don’t repremand him on my account.  There are so many other valid reasons.)

UPDATE: Whit’s End and Wordsmiths also note that they made the list.  Sure…rub it in.