Decatur Metro Wins “Best of Atlanta” Award

24 11 2008

In case you haven’t seen the latest issue of Atlanta Magazine, Decatur Metro and InDecatur have been awarded Atlanta Magazine’s 2008 “Best of Atlanta” award for “best neighborhood news”!

Along with Catherine and Lauren’s AsianCajuns, which won “best local style blog”, Decatur is very well-represented in the online section of the awards this year.

I had been holding onto this story until I could get my hands on a hard copy of the mag, but Catherine spilled the beans over at The Decatur Minute earlier today, so I thought I better just get it out there!

Oh, and make sure to click over to The Minute to check out all the brick-and-mortar Decatur winners!

Congrats all!

UPDATE: Here’s the blurb…

“InDecatur and Decatur Metro’s prespectives on this DeKalb berg may differ slightly – “The town you’d get if you bred Berkeley with Mayberry” and “An independent voice in an independent city,” respectively – but what these two blogs offer does not: copious posts on anything and everything Decatur.  Want to know what type of restaurant is opening on East Ponce?  InDecatur will provide an annotated photo of the space, along with the inside scoop gathered by intrepid sources (aka fellow Decaturites).  Want an update on development issues, such as with the citywide Wi-Fi will be in effect?  Decatur Metro will contact the city manager.”

Actually I’d contact Andrea. 🙂

Decatur Hearts Obama

11 10 2008

As I was flipping through the current issue of Atlanta Magazine while waiting to cut my hairs cut yesterday, I noticed a series of bar charts that showed the breakdown of Obama/McCain contributions by Atlanta metro zip code.

Bet you can’t guess which zip loves Obama the mostest?

Yep! According to the chart, of the roughly $100,000 sent to one of the two presidential candidates from 30030, 95% went to Obama.  Staggering!  No other metro area came close to being so one-sided.  (Sorry, I can’t recall or find the source…maybe someone could provide it)

Doesn’t look like area Dems should lose much sleep over the increase in McCain yard signs after all.  We still seem to be Georgia’s liberal mecca.