Decatur Tips & Links

I love the amount of info available on the City of Decatur website, but sometimes its pretty difficult to find basic info. I provide these links in hopes that it makes it a little easier for you too.

Quick Tip: 2 hour parking is enforced at meters from 8am-6pm M-Sat. After 6p and all day Sunday it’s free.

Quick Tip: Decatur uses Pay-As-You-Throw bags to encourage recycling. Here’s the breakdown: 10 Green 8 gallon bags – $4.07, 10 Yellow 15 gallon bags – $6.96, 10 Blue 33 gallon bags – $14.45.

Click here to see where they can be purchased.

Quick Tip: The city recycles glass, metal/tin, magazines, newspaper, all numbered plastics, plastic grocery store plastic bags, and chipboard (ie. cereal boxes, etc…). You can’t recycle pizza boxes or cardboard milk cartons.

Yard waste is collected separately.

Click the link above for a full list.

Quick Tip: All dogs need tag and permit from the Rec Dept. (cost $20 a year)

Quick Tip: Click here to see if you qualify.

5 responses

17 10 2008
larry e serra

there are a large number of those fancy street lights that do not come on at night around the old court house, who do we inform?

18 10 2008

Tell the City about the street lights and they will inform Georgia Power, who maintains them. Try calling 404-371-8386.

16 01 2009

Am I allowed to burn leaves?

20 01 2009

I almost got run over this a.m. Trucks are parking in the CROSS WALK on Ponce De Leon in front of Starbuck’s.

Today I tried to address my pleas to the truck drivers and business involved to no avail.

Actually Brick Store’s Mike told me that he was “just trying to make a living.” Frankly, it was a very disappointing attitude from our local business.

Is business more important than safety?

People are constantly ditching their cars/trucks there and its already “challenging” to cross. There are Moms with little tots trying to make it across. It’s scary!

Any thoughts on how to get actual enforcement of the cross walk before someone really gets run down.

Self enforcement of businesses policing themselves as courteous members of Decatur would be the IDEAL solution.

4 03 2009
Natalie Snedden

I’m searching for recomendations for a spring break camp for my kids – do you have any thoughts?


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