Recovering From the Storm

14 04 2009

There’s still a lot of clean up to do after yesterday’s wind nightmare.

Feel free to use this post to report updated power outages, road closings, etc.

My personal experience:

Ponce Heights still has no power and Altmod reports GA Power is saying it won’t be up until 8p Wednesday.  Traffic was so bad this morning I turned around and took the train in.  Wish I had just done that in the first place.

Be safe out there.

Burned Out Car on 2nd Ave

13 04 2009


Decaturguy sends in a pic of the reported car fire on 2nd Ave in Oakhurst this morning.

Again, I’m just glad no one was injured.

Tree Falls Into MAK District Home

13 04 2009



SpiketheCat posted this jaw-dropping pic from the MAK District on Twitter.

My best to the owners.  I just hope no one was home and everyone is OK.

Wow.  I’m really impressed the tree didn’t fall completely thru the house.

Huge Tree Down in Oakhurst

2 03 2009

Decaturguy sends in this image from the corner of 4th Avenue and Oakview Road and goes on to say ” I don’t know anything other than a neighbor told me that no one was hurt, but it looks like the tree took out the front part of two bungalows.”


After that wind started blowing last night, I was increasingly worried about something like this happening in the area.

Decatur Snow Party

2 03 2009

With the year-after-year success of the “Decatur Beach Party”, on Sunday the city of Decatur surprised its residents with a first annual “Decatur Snow Day”!

I took this pic after making a snow angel in the street...

I took this pic after making a snow angel in the street...

Shops closed and residents headed for the hills to slip and slide in the slush.

The cost to make it snow over the entire city is still unknown, but some residents wondered if it was the best use of city funds during a recession.   Those people were unceremoniously pelted with snowballs.


Umbrellas in the snow! Now I've seen EVERYTHING!

The Great Atlanta Thundersnow Squall of ’09

1 03 2009

UPDATE I: Thundersnow is all the rage on Twitter!  Regator is even selling a t-shirt that reads “When it snows in Atlanta…it Thundersnows!”

The Atlanta snow squall of 2009 seems to have started a bit earlier than originally predicted.

Big, fat snow started dumping at about 11am this morning, putting local news stations on red alert, while Subaru owners quickly hit the roads without a destination in mind, hoping to finally justify their purchase of an AWD vehicle in a southern climate. Elsewhere sled-less children cut up cardboard boxes to slide down their driveways, while northern transplants immediately started bragging to anyone within earshot about their impressive snow driving skills . (All my stories involve the uncontrollable fish-tailing I used to do in my rear-wheel drive truck in high school)

Enjoy the snow everyone!

Wow…”thundersnow”…that’s different.

Decatur Storms!

19 02 2009

The great Decatur photog, HamwithCam, captured one of the many lightning strikes that hit around Decatur last night.

It was one of those nights when the lightning was so frequent, you’d swear there was a mob of paparazzi outside your door.