Atlanta is “Unhappy”? BusinessWeek is Stupid.*

4 03 2009

Yeah, doesn’t feel so great when you’re on the receiving end of random, statistical assertions, does it?

If you are a true “new media” geek, I’m sure this story is so 9:30a this morning, but I just need to do a little wrath-venting… so please humor me.

Business Week recently ranked the nation’s unhappiest cities based on a bunch of strange qualifiers, which included such things as depression, suicide rates, crime, divorce rate and cloudy days.  Yeah, cloudy days.

Atlanta ranked 10th based on this random assortment of weird stats, mostly because of the crime rate (#2).  But whatever.  Congrats Atlanta, add “Unhappy” to your scrapbook of useless, but endlessly blogged and tweeted about city rankers!

The real shocker in my opinion is the #1 unhappy city.  Seriously?  How’s that possible?

OK, sorry about that.  I guess I’m just lashing out because I’m still going through the acceptance phase of acknowledging my general “unhappiness”.  Thanks for the intervention BusinessWeek!

* “Stupid” rankings are based on # of pointless, competitive rankers produced by a publication in a given year/month/whatever.

Decatur Claims Two James Beard Nominees

13 02 2009

The AJC’s John Kessler posted the Atlanta-area finalists for this year’s James Beard awards and two work their magic right here in Decatur!

One you can certainly guess without any prompting.  The other?  Well, whatcha got?

See the answers after the jump…or see the full list of Atlanta semifinalists over on John’s blog.  (Hint: the Atlanta nominee for Best New Restaurant helped Leon’s get its feet wet in the gastropub world) Read the rest of this entry »

Brick Store Pub #2 Beer Bar in U.S.

5 01 2009

Though Beer Advocate maddeningly doesn’t put their yearly beer bar rankings online, this comment from “brickstoredave” (aka co-owner Dave Blanchard) leads me to believe that after the remarkable achievement of ranking #3 in the U.S. last year, the Brick Store Pub has climbed a spot to #2 among the country’s best beer bars.

Pretty amazing.  Congrats guys!

Aren’t we lucky?

Cakes & Ale – Top CL Restaurant of 2008

30 12 2008

Andisheh points out that Besha Rodell over at his old employer has ranked Cakes and Ale as her #5 pick of top Atlanta-area restaurants of 2008.

The much baleyhooed Holeman and Fitch gastropub in Buckhead was #1.

Peggy Merriss Wins Pillar of Professional Excellence Award

3 12 2008

The AJC provides a few more details about the state award that our city manager, Peggy Merriss, won a while back.

Though I try not to do too much “copy and pasting” of other people’s articles, this one is kinda buried over on the AJC site, so I’ll provide it in full for your convenience after the jump.

Congrats Peggy!  Certainly well deserved! Read the rest of this entry »

Decatur Metro Wins “Best of Atlanta” Award

24 11 2008

In case you haven’t seen the latest issue of Atlanta Magazine, Decatur Metro and InDecatur have been awarded Atlanta Magazine’s 2008 “Best of Atlanta” award for “best neighborhood news”!

Along with Catherine and Lauren’s AsianCajuns, which won “best local style blog”, Decatur is very well-represented in the online section of the awards this year.

I had been holding onto this story until I could get my hands on a hard copy of the mag, but Catherine spilled the beans over at The Decatur Minute earlier today, so I thought I better just get it out there!

Oh, and make sure to click over to The Minute to check out all the brick-and-mortar Decatur winners!

Congrats all!

UPDATE: Here’s the blurb…

“InDecatur and Decatur Metro’s prespectives on this DeKalb berg may differ slightly – “The town you’d get if you bred Berkeley with Mayberry” and “An independent voice in an independent city,” respectively – but what these two blogs offer does not: copious posts on anything and everything Decatur.  Want to know what type of restaurant is opening on East Ponce?  InDecatur will provide an annotated photo of the space, along with the inside scoop gathered by intrepid sources (aka fellow Decaturites).  Want an update on development issues, such as with the citywide Wi-Fi will be in effect?  Decatur Metro will contact the city manager.”

Actually I’d contact Andrea. 🙂

Vote for Oakhurst’s Clay Chapman in Architectural Digest Competition!

18 11 2008

Brick Homes by Clay Chapman

I actually saw this note this morning on the Oakhurst Message Board, but Dan was good enough give me a nudge by forwarding it along…very cool news….

Hi all, here is a shameless plug asking for your help in supporting my husband, Clay Chapman, who was recently named one of 8 finalists for Architectural Digest’s Open Auditions in NYC. Two of his residences were chosen. One a barn/home conversion in TN and another a timberframed/structural masonry home in Cedartown, GA (it shows an interior shot). Architectural Digest set up sample polls to gauge reader’s interest in the projects.

Clays is the first one on the page. Here is the link: you can also access his website from link (which is currently under construction, but you can see his portfolio) I would sincerely appreciate you voting for his project and helping an Oakhurst resident get noticed! You can vote as many times as you want.

Thanks again!

Katie Chapman

The City Wins “Best Place to Work” Award

3 11 2008

As noted on The Decatur Minute, the city of Decatur recently ranked among the “best places to work” by Georgia Trend.  Here’s the blurb…

City of Decatur
Peggy Merriss, City Manager

Tony Parker says his workplace is a nonconformist’s dream. “I have spent 23 years working in an environment that rewards independent thought and crazy progressive ideas and where failure means we get to try again,” says Parker, assistant city manager for emergency services. This DeKalb County city of about 18,000 is east of Atlanta and covers a little more than four square miles.

Managers for the city of Decatur, which has 207 full-time employees, read and discuss a book each year. Past selections include Good To Great, by Jim Collins and A Whole New Mind, by Daniel Pink. “We are constantly challenged to find opportunities for personal and professional growth,” says Meredith Roark, a management analyst.

On nice days, she sits outside with her laptop and enjoys the citywide wireless network built with funds from a state grant. When Roark showed an interest in emergency preparedness, she had the opportunity to get certification even though it isn’t her primary job focus. “I am proud to be part of a forward-thinking team with its commitment to nurturing and sustaining me and the community,” she says.

As Meredith notes over on the Minute, Function, a Decatur marketing and design firm also made the list.

30030: Third Best ATL Zip Code

6 10 2008

That’s according to the people’s pick in AccessAtlanta’s “Best of the Big A“.   We ranked behind Midtown and behind Cobb County’s 30339, which I might point out have much larger populations than the city of Decatur.

Also, Decatur’s Concerts on the Square was voted the third best free thing to do on a Saturday night, behind a “cookout with friends” (I thought Southerners said “grill out”?) and listening to free bar music.  The AJC’s top free thing to do on a Saturday night is to take in the sunset at the top of Stone Mountain…so apparently they don’t count the Park’s $8 parking fee.

This isn’t exactly new…but I don’t think I have posted on it.

Who’s Decatur’s Most Famous Resident?

18 09 2008

Its sort of a slow morning here in the Decatur Metro newsroom, so I’ve decided to throw out a question that popped into my head a couple days ago.

Most of us are aware of musicians Michael Stipe and Emily Saliers, along with humorist Roy Blunt Jr.’s Decatur-tie, while others know that poet and good friend to Edgar Allen Poe, Thomas Holley Chivers, is buried in Decatur Cemetery.  A few others might also be aware that Julia Roberts spent some time here as a child.

But all of those folks have either passed on or moved on to other places.  So who is Decatur’s most famous current resident?

I’ll start things off by throwing Ryan Gainey’s name out there.