9 Guys, 3 Trucks

16 05 2009

The Trash Amnesty parade circled our neighborhood this morning, hauling our over-sized detritus off the curb and into their trucks.

Aside from being continually impressed by these city employees’ ability to lift things well beyond my own limits, I quite enjoyed their general demeanor; always in complete control of what they’re doing, but having a good time.  Ah, the happy symptoms of a well-functioning governing body.

See y’all next year!  I’ve already thought of some items I accidently left in the basement.

Cooking For Monkeys Nominated For Parent’s Choice Award

9 05 2009

Pam's Latest Lunch Box Creation!

The great Decatur lunch box blog, “Cooking for Monkeys”, has been nominated for a Nickelodeon Parent’s Choice Award for Best Local Atlanta Blog.

Click on over daily and vote for Pam!

The Free-Range Boys & Girls of Decatur

1 05 2009

Spurred by our recent conversation about playground safety, Suzanne follows up with a video and probing questions for readers about the “free-range” chickens children of Decatur.

First up, the video.  It features the prof. who recently made the national news for letting her 9 year-old take the NYC subway alone.

Suzanne ties it all back to our little freedom-loving hamlet…

Probably pretty much everyone who spends a little time in Decatur will see them…. free range kids.  You see them walking in flocks from school in the afternoons… biking through neighborhoods and occasionally hanging out with friends at Dairy Queen, Greene’s or Chik-Fil-A.

It appears that we may be on the edge of a new trend and are relatively unique.   Check out [the] You Tube video on the Free Range Kid movement and also look for Lenore Skenazy’s blog and book on the topic.

…Is Decatur a free range kid utopia?  Why?  Are Decatur parents who let their kids go free range being irresponsible or are they just letting their kids live a normal and fulfilling life?

Or put the overly simplistic way:  Child leashes or MARTA cards?

McKoy Gets 11 Alive Playground Safety Check

28 04 2009

11alive followed Atlanta attorney and children’s advocate Don Keenan to Decatur’s McKoy Park where he found a bunch of “safety hazards” including “chipped paint, small fall zones around swings, inadequate padding, debris and S-hooks on swings with gaps that can catch children’s clothing.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Investigating Playground Safety“, posted with vodpod

The Best Tourist Spots/Activities in Decatur

31 03 2009

Like most of Atlanta (sorry Atlanta), Decatur isn’t really much of a tourist destination (unless its a festival weekend.)   Its a city that caters to its residents (and zombies), not to out-of-towners looking for a fun-filled weekend of unspeakable, hedonistic joy.

That said, I’m sure many others have found themselves in a position similar to my own this past weekend.  (No, not drunk and broke on the casino floor – that was two weekends ago, I think.  Wait, what month is this?)

Let’s start over.

When family and friends come to visit, you want to show them a good time, cater to their interests, and also show off the city a bit.  But how best to do that?  What are your go-to Decatur spots and/or activities when guests are in town?

I need a go-to list of local spots for those days when I just can’t bring myself to suggest the High Museum again.

Enjoy An Evening at the Zoo, Send Kids To Camp Twin Lakes

28 03 2009


Meredith passes along info about the Camp Twin Lakes fundraiser, “Camp Dance 2009,” at Zoo Atlanta the evening of Saturday, April 25th.

Here’s how it works.  You pay $55 (in advance, $65 at the door) and get to enjoy the zoo after-hours at feeding time with a cocktail in hand.  Then you “Eat. Drink. Boogie” into the night.  It’s that simple.  And its all in support of helping send 110 kids with serious illnesses and other challenges to Camp Twin Lakes this summer.

Meredith also gives a little background on Twin Lakes and its connection to Decatur/DeKalb…

“In 2008, Camp Twin Lakes served 129 campers from DeKalb County, plus, I’m sure, hundreds of volunteers. With the opening in May of Camp Will-A-Way (in Fort Yargo State Park), we expect the number of campers and volunteers served from DeKalb to increase significantly. Last year, each camper’s fee for camp was subsidized about $385 (or 70%) — so that’s about $50,000 that went to kids from DeKalb, which was raised by people like you and me.”

The event is a Camp Twin Lakes’ Junior Board’s fundraiser and “a great way for folks in the 25-40 age range to contribute without breaking the bank (and have a really fun night out at the zoo as well).”

Buy your tickets here!

Gas Service Back On?

27 03 2009

Gas service was supposed to be restored to all residents by midnight Thursday.

Everyone have the option of a hot shower this morning?