Oakhurst’s Fire Station 2 Grand Opening

28 05 2009

Linda Harris sends in this snazzy announcement…

But will there be flaming shots?

As a self-certified, fake journalist, I promise you an answer to this most pressing of fake questions.  I swear on my diploma from Blogger University.

Twist & Scoot Victim of Smash and Grab

28 05 2009

Mark wrote in earlier this morning inquiring about a police car and a smashed window down at Twist & Scoot.  I was trying to be a “journalist” and get details from DPD before posting, but Rebecca wrote in with the details before I received any response.

Twist n Scoot got hit this morning at 4am with a smash and grab. They used a huge rock to get in the front door, and only took their computers.

The Yellow Light Doth Stump Us

23 05 2009

According to a smartly marketed GMAC Insurance Survey released just in time for Memorial Day weekend (because Memorial Day is primarily about honoring those who drive), Georgians rank 47th out of the 50 states in knowledge of traffic laws.  And here’s my favorite line from the AJC article

Questions on yellow lights and safe following distances apparently gave drivers the most trouble.

Ah flashing yellow lights, how we misunderstand you.

Instead of proceeding with caution, we stop.  It may just be Southern courtesy run amok, but its still dangerous.  The poor souls trapped at flashing reds on your periphery are forced to gauge whether you’re a courteous rule-breaker or an enraged rule-abider just jonesing to escape this backup of ignorance.  They jerk forward, wary of your ignorance.

We must stop this madness!  This…stopping!

Perhaps a potent ad campaign is the remedy.  “When you stop at flashing yellow, the terrorists win.”

Helicopters Over Suburban Plaza

20 05 2009

Two reports from residents of helicopters and DeKalb County sheriffs over Suburban Plaza at around 10p Wednesday.

Anyone hear or see anything?

Decatur Resident & Dog Hit By Car in Crosswalk

20 05 2009

UPDATE: Andisheh followed up with DPD and the resident.  Here’s his update:

Reed Thodeson and his dog Madchen were victims of a hit-and-run at 5:40PM on Tuesday, May 12 as they were crossing S. Candler street in Decatur. Thodeson is okay, but Madchen died last weekend after surgery.

If you see a purple pickup truck with dark, tinted windows, and custom chrome bumpers, please contact Officer Bellis at the Decatur Police Department at 404-373-6551. The case# 0902316.


Andisheh, who has many of his own war stories about attempting to cross W. Howard at Adair, forwards a Fox5 story that appeared about a week ago, about a man and his dog who were hit by a car while trying to cross S. Candler near the former Victory Vintage Home.  Both are still alive, but the dog was literally run over and had to have one of her rear legs amputated.

From what I can tell from the video, the driver was turning left off E. College onto S. Candler when he/she struck Reed Thodeson and his dog Madchen.  The driver didn’t stop.  Luckily, a good Samaritan did.

Be vigilant out there folks.

Decatur PD Applies For License Plate Reader

18 05 2009

I somehow forgot to mention the coolest agenda item from tonight’s City Commission meeting when I read through the materials.

Toward the end of tonight’s meeting, Chief Booker asked the commission to approve a Police Department application to receive $38,359 in federal stimulus money to purchase an Automated License Plate Reader for a police cruiser.

If accepted, the city would pay only around $2,000 of the $40,000 cost.

The technology “allows for the capture of images of license plates and instantaneously compares them to millions of records to identify vehicles of interest.”  But beyond that, Chief Booker proposed another interesting scenario during the meeting.  To summarize:  if a burglary was reported at someone’s home and the victim reported that they had seen a white van out front earlier that day, DPD could check to see whether the patrol car with the ALPR had been down that street and if so, they could review the video and see if the van in question was there when patrol passed.  Then they’d have a license plate.

Cool huh?

Incidentally, the Mayor thanked Chief Booker at the conclusion of the presentation for DPD’s response during the DHS/Renfroe shutdown.  The Chief was very gracious and promised to pass the word along to his staff.

Decatur Joins CrimeReports.com

13 05 2009


In an effort to disseminate crime information to residents more quickly, this morning Chief Booker announced that the city of Decatur has joined the website CrimeReports.com, which maps various crimes around the city.  According to Chief Booker, the site will be updated every night, so the data is very up-to-date.

CrimeReports also allows you to sign up for daily/weekly/monthly email alerts on self-selected crimes in your area.

This should be a great new resource for Decatur residents.  Hopefully it won’t make people completely neurotic.

Ah, the double-edge sword of information.

Read Chief Booker’s full email after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

Decatur High School on Lockdown This Morning

13 05 2009

UPDATE: Lockdown is over.  See the note from Principal McKain-Fernandez in Scott’s comment below.

A tipster writes in and lets us know that Decatur High School is under lockdown again this morning.

CSD’s Maria Lewis tells DM…

“Yes, DHS is currently on lockdown. The police are searching lockers and the students have been detained inside of their classrooms until the search is complete. For the protection of the student involved, I cannot release any additional information at this time.”

Mercantile Employee Attacked By Dog

12 05 2009

Andisheh forwards a note from the owner of Candler Park’s The Mercantile on DeKalb Ave asking for help.

Good morning, Neighbors. On Saturday morning at 9:15 am one of our staff members, Martine, was walking down the sidewalk in front of San Fran Coffee. A patron of San Fran Coffee was sitting at a table with his big black dog. The dog suddenly lunged and attacked Martine and bit the holy bejesus out of her leg. We had to send her to the hospital for a tetanus shot and examination. Her leg is bruised badly and the skin is broken. The bruise is larger than a softball. There was a 6 year old child walking 3 feet behind Martine who could have been attacked! Read the rest of this entry »

70 DHS Students Participate in Emory Mock Trial

10 05 2009

09emorymt16 groupII

DHS teacher Chris Billingsley writes in…

Around 70 Decatur High School students participated in the Emory Mock Trial competition Saturday from 9:00 until 2:00. Students acted as jurors in several criminal trials. Not only did students get to learn about the legal system, they worked with some of the top judges and lawyers from around the country and Emory’s top second year law students.

Students earned a small stipend for their efforts and Emory Law School will make a generous donation to the DEF in honor of the four Decatur High mothers who lost their lives to cancer during the school year.

Special thanks to Decatur High booster, Judge Lindsay Jones and DHS teacher Mr. Beau Dominguez for making this experience happen. Extra special thanks to Mr. Thomas and Ms. Maddox, parents of 9th grade students, for being chaperons. Judge Jones may be able to provide you with more information of the mock trial competition. Enjoy the pics. They will come in batches.

I was especially impressed with the number of Muslim students participating. I am hopeful that by participating in these types of experiences, Islamic students will develop a greater appreciation for the U.S. legal system.

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