Big Stars at Agnes Scott Today

19 05 2009

UPDATE: It seems like my tease confused people a bit as to the specifics of this.  So here it is plain and clear: Tim McGraw, Kathy Bates and Sandra Bullock are part of the filming taking place at Agnes Scott over the last few days.  Sounds like it continues today.

Rumor on Twitter is that a huge country music star and two big movie stars are filming “The Blind Side” at Agnes Scott today.

Can anyone confirm?  This site makes it sound like they’ve been filming at Agnes and all over Atlanta since at least May 13th.  Am I just catching up?

If it is true, I must try my damnedest to keep my wife away from that campus until they wrap.  🙂

via @DaveKell (this guy!)

The “Diva” Is Back

16 04 2009

From Scott's Infamous iPhone

My wife and I noticed the tell-tale signs while walking the dog up to the Square last night:

  • Giant lights keeping the confederate monument company
  • Mechanical dinosaurs reaching towards courthouse windows
  • The long white trailer taking up those two coveted parking spots along Ponce
  • The bored security guard

Sure enough, more filming at the Courthouse!

By the time I checked in this morning, Steve, Scott, GAK and the AJC(!) all filled me in on the details.  The Lifetime original “Drop Dead Diva” is back at the Courthouse and is sporting a California flag, opening up the opportunity for countless jokes involving left-leaning Decatur and the Left-Coast.

The AJC article doesn’t mention this, but this isn’t “Diva’s” first time in Decatur.  It was here last September filming at the same location and around town.

GA tax credits to film studios have inadvertantly turned Decatur into a film set.  And while we know the city and county make a tidy sum from permits and whatnot,  I wonder what kind of financial boost the DeKalb History Center gets from this activity…

Agnes Scott’s Movie Misstep

31 03 2009

Late last year, after many Agnes Scott students and alumni revolted to the filming of raunchy Road Trip 2: Beer Pong, the school created an advisory board to approve all projects.

The AJC’s Jamie Gumbrecht (aka jamieg on Twitter) writes up the college’s recent soul searching about the types and messages of movies filmed on the college’s pictorial campus.

Tax Credits Lure Filming to Georgia

26 03 2009

Jonathan Cribbs over at Champion Newspapers recaps Decatur’s recent filming frenzy and offers an explanation for the recent influx of grips, cameramen, directors and celebs.

A newly created up-to-30% state tax credit for films that shoot in Georgia.

Inadvertently, it seems that Decatur has become a major beneficiary of this legislation.  With its close proximity to Atlanta, beautiful locales, and increasingly rare “small town feel”, it looks like the goals of the Strategic Plan are now paying new, unexpected dividends.

I can’t wait for the Decatur Hot Dog joint where all the celebs who have visited have signed, B&W pictures on the wall! 🙂

Rob Zombie’s “Halloweeen 2” Filming in Decatur Next Week

12 03 2009

Cheryl over at The Decatur Minute announces that Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 (aka “H2”) will be filming in Decatur next week!  However, she doesn’t provide specific locations, so we might need to figure that out on our own.

The movie stars Malcolm McDowell, Brad Dourif, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Danielle Harris.  However to me, Howard Hesseman has the best character name of the bunch. “Uncle Meat”

Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be “The Year of the Zombie” for Decatur!

In other “Decatur is becoming Hollywood’s choice locale for B-Movies & TV pilots” news, Cheryl also reports that ABC is planning on filming a pilot at the Old Courthouse next week!

When did we become so darn popular?  Anyone want to go in on a double-decker tour bus with me?