Rain Barrel Auction Rescheduled For Saturday

11 05 2009

Beth writes in…

Due to all the rain at Greenfest, the Rain Barrel Auction was postponed (ironic, isn’t it?). It will be held this Saturday night, May 16, preceeding the concert on the Square Event.

All 7 of the beautiful rain barrels designed and painted by Clairemont Elementary school kids (one was done solely by their art teacher) are on display in the Decatur Library this week, leading up to the auction.

Rain Barrel Man and Mayor Floyd will be on the bandstand to auction the barrels at 6:30 pm.

This project was created by Clairemont Elementary’s Green Initiative, “Little Sprouts” to educate the students on water conservation.

Reminder: Green Fest Tomorrow

1 05 2009

Click the poster for all the details!

Thanks to Rus for reminding me to remind you. 🙂

Electronics Recycling Day is Tomorrow

24 04 2009

Was gonna write about this yesterday, but forgot.  Thanks to Sara for giving me a push!

Reminder: Electronics Recycling Day is tomorrow from 9a-1p in the Decatur High School parking lot.

All the details can be found here.

Oakhurst Earth Day Celebration

17 04 2009

Greg helps me out by sending in the details…

Earth Day ’09 – Oakhurst’s Harmony Park

4/18/09 10am-2pm

Join the Earth Day celebration in Oakhurst’s Harmony Park, featuring birds of prey, educational activities, crafts and earth friendly activities.  Enjoy music by the Morgan Rowe Band and Sydney Rhame.  Join the Giant Puppet Parade featuring the Seed and Feed Marching Abominables at 12:30pm.  (Parade line up is at Oakhurst Presbyterian Church.

Earth Day partners and participants include the City of Decatur, Oakhurst Community Garden, Oakhurst Presbyterian Church and Samuel L. Jones Boys and Girls Club.

Sponsors- Oakhurst Community Garden, City of Decatur and Renewal Design Build.

For information call 678-553-6543 or email sallywylde@mindspring.com or greg.white@decaturga.com

Decatur’s “Chicks In the City” Tour Next Saturday

17 04 2009

Clare writes in…

Chicks in the City Tour – A Tour of Decatur’s Urban Chicken Coops
Saturday April, 25th 230pm – 530pm
Purchase tickets online and find more info at www.oakhurstgarden.org

Take an afternoon self-guided tour of chicken coops in Decatur on the second annual “Chicks in the City” Tour. Learn what it takes to have your own urban flock! A variety of coops will be on display, from elaborate to simple. Owners will answer your questions and resources and ordinances will be discussed. The tour is co-sponsored by Georgia Organics, the Oakhurst Community Garden Project and Oh Baby! Fitness.

Tickets will also be available for purchase on the day of the tour at the Oakhurst Community Garden Project located at 435 Oakview Road, Decatur, GA, 30030. None of the other homes on the tour will have on-site ticket sales.

Cost is $20 for non-members, $15 for Georgia Organics and Oakhurst Garden members, $5 for kids 8 years and up and kids under 8 are free.

The coop tour is bike-friendly, an easy route of 8 homes in Decatur.

For more information, please call 678.642.4977.

Worrying About and Caring For Your Trees

15 04 2009

A concerned Left Wing writes in…

I, personally, am going to be cutting down a gigantic oak tree in my backyard because the root systems are so damaged from the drought, that it is not worth my families safety to leave a gorgeous but potentially lethal tree in my backyard.

Most of us find ourselves in similar situations around Decatur.  Pre-WWII developers didn’t subscribe to the clear cut methodology so often employed these days.  Therefore, large, ancient oaks, maples and pine stretch mightily over our rooftops, shading us from intense summer heat.

But of course there’s another aspect of trees that turns people’s awe to nervousness: they eventually fall down.

We all certainly saw this in full force on Monday.

If you have a confirmed case of a damaged or dying tree, you should have it removed.   But even if your trees are healthy, you should still show them the same amount of attention and care.   This Trees Atlanta page, “How to Protect Trees in Your Yard“, is a good place to start to learn about routine care and maintenance.  Also the “Storms – Don’t Panic” page can be useful if you’re looking for a list of Trees Atlanta-recommended arborists.

Oh and BTW, to the tree service company that left a business card on my mailbox yesterday: very classy.

Decatur Spring Neighborhood Clean Up (aka Trash Amnesty) Day

2 04 2009

Carl tipped me off to this, but The Decatur Minute pointed me to the full list of streets.  That’s teamwork for ya!

From the city’s website

Public Works is gearing up for the 2009 Neighborhood Association Spring Cleanup Days with up to eight employees and four trucks on the following Saturdays in April and May, from 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. All items to be collected should be placed at the curb no later than 7:30 a.m.

Yard trimmings, building materials (that are not from the work of private contractors), tires, appliances (not containing Freon), and trash that would not normally be placed in pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) bags will becollected.

Please do not include any liquids, dirt, bricks, blocks, stone, rocks, concrete, or motor vehicle batteries and parts.

To determine what day pickup will occur on your street, click here!

Restoring Your Backyard Ecosystem

1 04 2009

The city’s Amanda Thompson forwards this note about a really interesting sounding Saturday class near Avondale on April 18th from 9a-10:30a.

The Georgia Urban Forest Council is sponsoring a program on restoring your backyard ecosystem at the Georgia Extension office near Avondale. A friend of mine is teaching it and it will be excellent and inspiring. More info below. It will cost $25 and includes a complimentary membership to GUFC. It will be Saturday, April 18th. Hope to see you there, register HERE.

Class Description

Learn how to transition your backyard to a natural landscape. A natural home landscape offers advantages over a traditional high maintenance yard in several ways: 1) Natural plantings of trees can reduce energy consumption in summer by better shading the home; 2) natural plantings require less time and energy to maintain; and 3) natural landscapes provide a virtual outdoor classroom. The challenge in moving from a high maintenance landscape to a more natural and sustainable one is to understand how your yard functions as its own ecosystem and then work with nature to restore the natural processes.

Eric King, ASLA has been designing gardens in Georgia for decades and has appeared on numerous TV/radio programs and in garden magazines throughout the country, and he will demystify the process of natural succession and offer a better path to creating a more natural home landscape.

Spring Electronics Recycling Day POSTPONED

27 03 2009

UPDATE: Rain will postpone electronics recycling day until April 25th.  See Cheryl’s comment.

The Decatur Minute has all the details for tomorrow’s Spring Electronics Recycling Day in the DHS parking lot from 9a-1p.

In addition to electronics, you can also recycle batteries, styrofoam, mercury thermometers and thermostats.  As Cheryl says over at The Minute “, “Just about anything with a cord can be recycled, with the exception of microwave ovens.”   Oh, and there’s a $10 fee to recycle a TV.

So get to work procrastinators!  Gather up all those huge chunks of Pottery Barn styrofoam you’ve been hording, and clear off those old PC hard drives!  Its go time!

Cheryl, is there any sort of contingency plan due to the Biblical flood?

Earth Hour This Saturday – 8:30pm

25 03 2009

Judy writes in with some kind words and wonders what downtown Decatur and its restaurants are doing for Earth Hour this Saturday (3/28) at 8:30p.

Well, the city recently posted its plans for the hour over on The Decatur Minute

The City of Decatur has signed up to participate and will turn off lights on the MARTA Plaza as well as non-essential lighting in city buildings.

But I haven’t heard or seen anything about downtown business participation.  Anyone out there with a plan?

Perhaps an hour of mandated candlelight dinners?