May Restaurant Blurbs

28 05 2009

A few notes from around the city…

  • According to the Decatur Minute, Leon’s Full Service is now open for lunch daily at 11:30a (except Monday).
  • Also from the Minute, Greene’s is offering 40% off all in-store purchases today in honor of one of the owners birthdays.
  • As was noted in a recent post, Cafe Cliche is now open for business in the old Indie Coffee & Books space and is serving Button Cakes Bakery cupcakes.
  • Next Stop notes that Bistro in a Box will have weekly food and wine tastings on Saturday from 12p-6p.  “Some of our usual offerings include basil crusted chicken, peppercorn flank steak, hummus, a cheese display, spinach and artichoke dip, and other menu items that we are developing. It is all free and open to anyone.”
  • According to Daily Candy, The Cookie Studio has new weekend hours (Sat 12p-5p)
  • Tastings will be featuring live music on Saturday nights from 8:30p-10:30p.  This Saturday Jeff Soileau will be playing ambient instrumental acoustic guitar.

Anything else?

Closed Premier Chrysler Closes

15 05 2009

Apparently Premier Chrysler Jeep Dodge out Scott Boulevard was trying to reopen, but Chrysler put the nix on that plan.  It was one of four metro dealerships to get the ax.

Thanks to Bo for pointing out this detail.

Save Paste

14 05 2009

As reported in this morning’s AJC, the Save Paste website is now up.

All donors will get access to 70 mp3 downloads and those that give more than $350 will get a complementary lifetime membership to the mag.

And a slight aside:  The AJC article not only mentions Drive a Faster Car where the story broke, AND provides a link, but also quotes anonymous commenters from the site.

Was someone listening?

Paste Magazine In Danger of Folding

13 05 2009

Drive a Faster Car reports that Paste Magazine is in serious financial trouble and is “trying to scrounge up enough money to put out the next issue.”

According to DaFC, Paste will launch a “Save Paste” campaign later today offering exclusive music in exchange for donations.

Very sad news.  If Paste folds, we’ll lose a venerable “New Decatur” institution.

Thanks to Lump for tipping me off to this.

Atlanta Is the Nation’s “Most Ambitious” City, With Short-Sighted Mayoral Candidates

8 05 2009

As reported by RealClearPolitics, according to the Kaufmann Foundation Index of Entrepreneurial Activity (say that five times fast), Atlanta is the country’s most ambitious city “with nearly 200 more entrepreneurs per 100,000 people than the second runner-up.” (h/t: AJC’s BizwriterKristi)

But note that this is based on 2008 data, which includes almost months of pre-crash activity.  It will be interesting to see how Atlanta entrepreneurial activity holds up to its rivals “post-recession.”

Hopefully these scores of entrepreneurs aren’t heeding the words coming from city of Atlanta mayoral candidates, Kasim Reed and Lisa Borders, who during a recent real-estate endorsement induced euphoria exclaimed to the AJC

“The real estate development community is to Atlanta what the financial services industry is to New York,” Reed said at a Midtown Starbucks one recent morning.

Borders, in a phone conversation, said almost the same thing: “Development is to Atlanta what cars are to Detroit and entertainment is to L.A.”

Both candidates better hope to hell that their statements aren’t true.   Tying Atlanta’s future to the real estate market seems like a sick death wish.

And why would you even mention Detroit?!

Rule 1 when running for mayor: never EVER speak the word “Detroit.”  At most you can say “Motown” and even then you better be lamenting the once great music scene.

Renewal Wins Decatur Design Award with Barry Street Remodel

7 05 2009

Kelly sends in a press release noting that Renewal Design Build’s renovation projects at 224 Barry Street recently won a Decatur design award.

May 7, 2009 – This year, Decatur’s Historic Preservation Commission presented the annual Decatur Design Awards on May 3rd at the Old Decatur Courthouse. These awards recognize projects that preserve, enhance and contribute to the historic character of the City. Recipients were given a certificate signed by Mayor Bill Floyd, as well as an honorary plaque. And, this year, one of the awards for Best Addition went to Renewal Design-Build.

The judging commissioners thought the scale of the winning project – a major two story addition – was very compatible to the adjacent properties, and that incorporating sustainable materials also added a great deal of value. According to Regina Brewer, the awards’ organizer, “They also felt you could discern that the addition was new, and that it did not create a false sense of history.”

Once a small home in disrepair, this completely remodeled home is now a Tudor style cottage with double the square footage. And, the homeowner of the winning project couldn’t be more pleased. “My home is beautiful; it’s my dream come true,” says Dr. Dallin Randolph.

The Renewal team is humbled by such an award. “It is such an honor to be recognized by the City to whom we owe so much of our success,” says Renewal CEO, Peter Michelson. “Our goal is to continually contribute to the beauty and character of Decatur.”

You can check out a few Before & After pics from the project over at Renewal’s website.

Boogaloos and Salon Red Host “What Not To Wear” Makeover

5 05 2009

From Boogaloos website

Nominate the deserving woman you know for a makeover! If selected, nominee will win a fashion makeover and $250 allowance for clothing and accessories at Boogaloos Boutique along with a 25 percent discount on any item purchased the week of her reveal. In addition, nominee will win a hair and makeup makeover at SalonRed and Spa in downtown Decatur. Nominee will also win a reveal party hosted by Boogaloos Boutique on June 20, 2009. Special discounts at Boogaloos and SalonRed will be awarded to all party attendees.

Got someone in mind?  Fill out this application and drop it off at Boogaloos before June 6th.

h/t: Window Shopping

Some Small Businesses Survive

4 05 2009

This morning’s AJC has a rather substantial article about the health of small businesses around Atlanta.   To point out some positive examples they featured Marietta and Decatur business owners, including Ettie Wurtzel of Squash Blossom, Bill Baran, and the new owners of Cafe Cliche.  None of the “struggling” examples were from Decatur.

Unfortunately, the article is hardly earth-shattering.  Some business are doing well, but are wary.  Others aren’t doing well…and are wary.   I would have loved to see a comparison of ITP/OTP, a look at what types of businesses are doing well vs. those that are not, etc…

But hey, in the age of headlines like “Boston Globe could file shutdown notice Monday“, I guess I’m expecting too much.

Parker’s Commissions Paintings From JD Issacs

26 04 2009

Next Stop has some photos sent in by artist, and owner of Rose Squared Gallery and Framing on Clairemont, JD Issacs, who recently completed a commission for Parker’s on Ponce.

As Dennis at Next Stop says, its nice to see Parker’s keeping it “in the family!”

Indie Coffee & Books Sold

12 04 2009

According to a Tweet from Carl on Saturday, Indie Coffee & Books has been sold and will reopen as a cafe after April 20th.  That means coffee, but no more books.

h/t: InDecatur

The Indie website announces a “10 Day Blowout Sale” on all books thru April 19th with 20% and 40% off all books.