Discouraged by the fact that the city of Decatur, GA doesn’t have a single source for daily news about our community, I decided to do something about it.

Though a relatively new resident of the city, my local travails and studies on the east side of Atlanta have brought me in close contact with Decatur’s history, development and fine establishments for many years. After becoming a tax paying citizen early in 2007, and subsequently falling in love with the city, I found myself trolling the far reaches of web to stay informed about the city’s goings on. I wished for a website that would give me the latest news and opinion about the city in an entertaining and engaging fashion.

So in late Sept. ’07, I created DecaturMetro.com

Decatur Metro is dedicated to bringing you all the latest news from incorporated Decatur, Georgia and its surrounding environs every day. While it may not be the city that never sleeps (all those kids have to be get up in time to make an eco-friendly commute to/from school!), there’s always something going on in Decatur. Be it a development controversy or one of the many annual festivals, Decatur Metro will always have the latest scoop.

So sit back with a pint of high-gravity beer from the Brick Store, and a plate of fried chicken from Watershed and enjoy the ride!

22 responses

8 10 2007

Great blog! I’ll be checking it often.

9 10 2007

Thanks for the feedback Catherine! It’s just beginning to get its legs, and with any luck one day it may even have as much style and character as AsianCajuns!

14 12 2007

I love your blog! I just stumbled on it today, and I will definietly be adding it to my favorites list. It’s always nice to know what is going on in Decatur. I run a blog that focuses on Midtown Atlanta called http://www.aroundmidtown.com.

22 02 2008

Love the blog. We just moved to Decatur a few months ago. This is a great resource and I’ll certainly be visiting often… keep up the great work.

13 05 2008

How nice to have fresh info about Decatur. And imagine, perspectives other than those which always conform to the powers-at-be. Thanks for your efforts and energy!

30 05 2008


17 06 2008

Keep up the great work!

15 07 2008

Great, informative site! I’ll definitely be checking in regularly to keep on top of all the goings on in the area. Was particularly interested in all of the restaurant changes/closings etc. and hearing about what the plans are. I actually live just on the other side of Avondale Estates in unincorporated dekalb, but consider the city of Decatur “my neighborhood” for the most part. Thanks for your attention to the city.

Take care-

22 07 2008
j.d. salinger

thanks for the info, the irreverencephonies, artfully presenting what’s real while tactfully exposing the phonies! holden caulfield would be your pal.

11 01 2009
Dominick Brady

Interesting. I like micro-localism news. I thought this would be about the Entire City of Decatur. I like what you’ve done, though. Good show. Downtown Decatur is a gem of a district.

15 01 2009

Recently found this site (referred by an out-of-town friend!) and appreciate all the info! Many thanks. I’ll check back often and refer fellow Decatur-ites, natives and transplants alike.

3 02 2009

Oohh, I like the new sidebar (topbar? whatever it’s called…) photo at the top! 🙂

3 02 2009
Decatur Metro

Thanks KC! Long overdue.

Can you guess the street?

4 02 2009

Thank you for this page, DecaturMetro. I am bad about keeping up with printed news!

5 02 2009

That’s my street! And that’s my house!

5 02 2009

I’m looking closer to see a lump in the road. 😉

5 02 2009

Where’s you house? I am coming over.

5 02 2009

I ain’t tellin’, as I have enough stalkers as it is, but you’ve got a 1 in 6 shot of guessing. 😉

5 02 2009
Decatur Metro

Come on…no one can guess?? There’s a dead give away hint in the pic!

5 02 2009

Palm trees on Ponce Ct?

6 02 2009
Decatur Metro

Smarty pants.

30 03 2009
Wendy Heaps

Thank you for getting this blog going. It’s very useful for catching up on what’s going on in Decatur. And, of course, thank you for also announcing the names of Decatur’s new Active Living Board. I look forward to serving on it and to working with my fellow board members to continue to improve the quality of life for all Decatur residents.

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