Switching Servers This Weekend

29 05 2009

Lord help me, I’m going to try to move DM to a new server this weekend.

In order to accomplish this, I’m going to have to redirect the url “decaturmetro.com”.  This might take a day or so according to the powers that be, so if you get to DM – as I assume most of you do – by typing in “decaturmetro.com” you might not be able to access the site this weekend.

The alternative, and original url for DM is decaturite.wordpress.com and that should still work to access the old version of the site.  Once the url is redirected to DM’s new home, the old site will be abandoned.  If and when that happens, I’ll make sure to write up a post that redirects you to the new site.

So please, if you’re checking in this weekend, have patience.  Things might not be working properly.

Why move? Well, I’m pretty limited with what I can do with the current site in terms of themes, plugins and layout right now.  The new site and server should allow me more flexibility with the site in the future.  Once we’re at our new home, you begin to see gradual improvements to the site.  But don’t worry, my one vow is to keep it relatively clean.

Wish me luck.  I’m gonna need it.



8 responses

29 05 2009

Good luck.

29 05 2009

Buena suerte! You’re practically the only Decatur blog I read regularly now, so please beeeeee careful…

29 05 2009

Yeah, be careful,. You’re a helluva resource for the Decaturites.

29 05 2009
sitting pugs

We eagerly await for the curtains to open.

29 05 2009
Decatur Metro

Thanks everyone. At worst (I hope), I could always redirect it back to this site if I run into unexpected problems. Fingers crossed!

29 05 2009
W. Scott Downs

It should be a pretty straight-forward move. Backup your DB and test it first! WP has lots of facilities to help with this.


29 05 2009

Will the new site have classifieds / lost-found / announcements???????

30 05 2009

Good Luck! BTW, if I have a suggestion for a topic, how do I get it to you?

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