Emory BP Station Closes June 1; Roundabout Construction Should Begin in August

29 05 2009

For all my talk about mass transit, I, like most people, still use a car on an almost daily basis.  And the Emory BP has been my go to station.  Close and relatively cheap compared to everything else in the vicinity.

Welp, it looks like I’m about to start paying more to fill up.  Maybe this is a sign that I should finally go diesel/bi0-diesel.

A reader sends in parts of a note that was just sent out to Emory staff…

“… the BP station in Emory Village has been sold and will close as of June 1, Emory University did NOT purchase it, … did not know what plans have been made for that property.”

Just wondering if you have any leads on who purchased this property and what the plans are?

Also, fyi, here is the remainder of the email detailing the Emory Village project and future plans for this summer and the rest of the year:

“…The water line project in Emory Village is complete. Georgia Power will now begin the process of burying overhead utilities, including electricity, cable TV, and telephone. This phase is expected to begin in June and extend into fall, perhaps through the end of the calendar year. The work is scheduled to take place mainly between 8pm and 5am, but will nonetheless be disruptive. DeKalb County has gone to bid for construction of the roundabout, with an anticipated start date in August, and a one year duration. So it looks like Emory Village will be a mess for another year…”



5 responses

29 05 2009

This roundabout had better be worth it. What a complete mess they’ve made of the road for a very long time.

29 05 2009

If it’s anything like it’s little cousin at Lullwater, it’ll be worth it. That one has made a nightmare intersection into a breeze.

29 05 2009

There’s also one on the north end of Morningside Dr / Rock Spring Rd near Piedmont (5 streets intersect) and at Howard Circle and McLendon Ave – both work just fine.

30 05 2009

I don’t remember the intersection of lullwater as being a nightmare. I’ve lived nearby for long time.

Funny how they only use them in trendy hoods like Candler Park, Morningside or Druid Hills. Never seen one south of I20. Hmmmm…..

30 05 2009

They have a roundabout south of I20-it’s called Atlanta Motor Speedway.

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