May Restaurant Blurbs

28 05 2009

A few notes from around the city…

  • According to the Decatur Minute, Leon’s Full Service is now open for lunch daily at 11:30a (except Monday).
  • Also from the Minute, Greene’s is offering 40% off all in-store purchases today in honor of one of the owners birthdays.
  • As was noted in a recent post, Cafe Cliche is now open for business in the old Indie Coffee & Books space and is serving Button Cakes Bakery cupcakes.
  • Next Stop notes that Bistro in a Box will have weekly food and wine tastings on Saturday from 12p-6p.  “Some of our usual offerings include basil crusted chicken, peppercorn flank steak, hummus, a cheese display, spinach and artichoke dip, and other menu items that we are developing. It is all free and open to anyone.”
  • According to Daily Candy, The Cookie Studio has new weekend hours (Sat 12p-5p)
  • Tastings will be featuring live music on Saturday nights from 8:30p-10:30p.  This Saturday Jeff Soileau will be playing ambient instrumental acoustic guitar.

Anything else?



9 responses

28 05 2009

I’m going to need a link for the Cafe Cliche opening. I still think that’s a joke.

28 05 2009
W. Gibbets

Yea, me too. I guess if you’ve been to one then you’ve been to ’em all.

28 05 2009
CSD Snowflake

A rolling stone gathers no moss….wait, is that an aphorism, axiom, adage, epigram, or cliche?

Re Cliche: I can directly attest to the deliciousness of the lattes, cupcakes, oatmeal-cranberry cookies, and apricot pinwheels. My kids liked the ice cream, hot dog, and chicken sandwhich items. They have gift certificates for your teacher/business/camp counselor/babysitter thank yous and birthdays.

My only complaint is that making an accent aigu with my computer/keyboard set-up is too complicated for me.

28 05 2009

Wait, you’re telling me they serve oatmeal, hot dogs and cupcakes?

That is not very cliche. If i were 20 years younger I might describe that as an “EPIC VOCABULARY FAIL!”

28 05 2009
W. Gibbets

Café Cliché?

28 05 2009

We went there this past weekend. The ice cream was delicious and from somewhere local!

28 05 2009

Just got back from Greene’s with the kiddos. Last day of school-GREAT day for a sale–woo hoo, be scraping people off the ceiling soon…

30 05 2009

CRAP! Wish I had seen that Greene’s sale. I need to check your site daily. I’m not even a huge alcohol drinker, but that would have been a great way to build a stash.

30 05 2009
Decatur Metro

Ah, and here’s a lesson in my needing to be more specific and provide links David. The discount is actually for Greene’s Fine Foods on Trinity. Not Greene’s Beverages.

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