DHS Senior Run

26 05 2009

09 senior run

09 senior run2

Teacher Chris Billingsley sends in some candid pics from DHS last week.   Seniors did their annual run through the halls, ending at the media center.

Chris continues, “Graduation is [this]week in the stadium. Several are off to Yale and Harvard. Quite a few to Georgia and Tech. Almost all seniors have college, career, or military plans. Good Luck! Carpe Diem!”



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26 05 2009

To make this event truly entertaining, DHS should turn the underclassmen loose just prior to releasing the seniors; then, the latter could chase the former through the halls, a la Pamplona…Admin could sell tickets to the public, which would be allowed to place bets on who’d escape the stampede unscathed. The seniors would have fun, the underclassmen could get some exercise, and DHS could pocket a little extra $$ (so maybe they wouldn’t have to ask the kids to peddle candy bars and wrapping paper for activities).

Yes, yes, I know– I should totally be a school board member.

26 05 2009

And don’t forget the paddles, a la Dazed and Confused…

26 05 2009

LOL! Ah, yes– those who avoid getting stampeded still have to survive the Paddle Gauntlet…

26 05 2009

Cool – love this idea for a senior class tradition. I’ve lived here so long, I’m surprised I never heard about this.

We could pit neighborhood teams against each other (like medieval Italian cities.) Local businesses could sponsor the fastest runners… bad ideas abound 😉

24 11 2018
Daniel Davenport

You all are so amazing. I write during a time time of immigration asylum controversy in our civic arenas. I am writing from California. I want to tell Mr. Billingsley thanks for teaching me well. I went to Decatur High from 1998-2000.
I never thought I would say this but I am happy I met him. In class sometimes, it did not feel that way. Plus once he gave the class award to a student but I argued I should have received it. He warned me then about the difference between being an intelligent student and a hardworking student. I was a rough around the edges gifted
Talent who choose to sleep in the class although my grades were outstanding. I did not really take time to connect with the classmates and I did not participate in pushing the class to ask big questions about the importance of the civics, and social studies materials.

Now — I am doing what I did not do then within my community. I did 15 years in two military branches. Served in a war. Performing military social project management and a civic social services duties along the way. I then retired at the age of 32. Then committed my life to peacemaking during seminary school shortly after. Now I have a bachelor’s degree in religion, graduate certificate in Christian Ministry, and a Master’s in Theological Studies. Still with a heart for civics and social issues, recently entered the congressional lobbying profession. I have been in this sector for less than 40 days. It’s in this area where Mr. Billingsley comes to mind. I remember his VCR tapes showing black panther content, weather underground content, so much more. Basically it was a high school level section critiquing social policies, and showing the impact of social policies on America’s youth.
My exposure to those stories early on maybe what led to my current field. Organizing and lobbying with new 100% peaceful strategies for our time. As I focus more on the power of organizing, I see so much more
Value in what one American teacher shared with this American kid years ago. I see visions of the rich getting richer, all labor classes earning more, and the poor increasing their wealth and land ownership. I hope to connect with Mr. B soon. Please share my number and/or email. For you Mr. B, in case you see this— thanks! For everything — literally. Thank you so much.

Daniel Davenport
US Coast Guard Retired

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