Saba Leaves Square for Oakhurst

26 03 2009

Nittany313 reports…

Walked past Saba on the square on Tuesday night and was surprised to find it closed. Sign on the door said that they were moving to Oakhurst- 350 Mead Rd. I know that they had changed lunch/brunch times recently but the restaurant always seemed packed in the evenings. Any idea what the scoop is on the move and whether or not they will be open at all in the interim?

Now we know what’s taking over the old Calavino’s space.

Anybody have answers for Nittany?  (These questions are in the wheelhouse of a few of our frequent commenters.)



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26 03 2009

I don’t have any answers (but rents must hAve something to do withit) – we are super excited about it though! Welcome Saba! And may the curse of that spot not haunt you .

26 03 2009

odd… a month or so back, micropundit said reported “Harmony Park Cantina” would be opening in the Calavino’s space this spring.

26 03 2009
Decatur Metro

dh…in regards to that thread, eventually the chef at Harmony Park dispelled that rumor in a comment saying they weren’t moving into the Calavino’s space.

26 03 2009


26 03 2009
Parker Cross


26 03 2009
Left Wing

Please….if anyone from Saba is reading this….


Perform a seance!

If you just paint it a different color, leave up the ridiculous tiling, or in any way keep the same vibe from the previous restaurants that have inhabited that poor place, you are doomed.

Doomed I say!!!


26 03 2009

I believe Saba owners were in search of a spot that would have easy access to parking. I for one will make the trip to Oakhurst for their delicious meatballs and the cheese ravioli!

26 03 2009
FM Fats
26 03 2009

Oh, lord.

26 03 2009

I used to work with the owner of Saba. I will hunt him down and gift him with a sledgehammer and some mystical cleansing tools to lift the Curse of the Crappy Restaurant Space.

26 03 2009
Decatur Raider

If someone from Saba reads this, this talk about the location being cursed is because apparently no restaurant can survive there. For no discernable reason, each restaurant that opens there goes out of business quickly. In the last several years it’s changed hands again and again, and is almost always empty when I’ve gone. But Saba is delicious! I really hope you can break the curse. Maybe the side of the building facing Mead street needs a sign, or maybe a big local ad campaign letting people know that you’re the new restaurant there. Maybe it IS the interior – it’s very dark and unfriendly-feeling.

26 03 2009

I was in SABA a week or two ago, and the owner said that the main reason they kept the location on the square open as long as they did was so that the staff could be keep getting a paycheck and hopefully transferred to the new location.

That’s good folks for ya.

8 04 2009

Thanks for the great advise. We are listening. We will see you soon.

9 04 2009

the whole building is atrociously painted. it also needs quality looking signage from Matador (middle school graphics project) and Fresche (do we really need two signs for one business?). I live down the street and the whole impression that gives off isn’t indicative of the quality that lies therein. those chimis are wicked…

30 05 2009

We should be opening the first week of June if everything goes well. Please come by anytime to check our progress. We are excited!

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