Oakhurst Arts & Music Festival Needs Volunteers

30 09 2008

The city’s Cheryl Burnette lets us know that this year’s Oakhurst Arts & Music Festival [Sat. Oct. 11th 10a-7p] still needs volunteers.

If interested, email Sandy Johnson sgjohnso [at] bellsouth.net.

Is it really October already?

2008 Decatur Wine Festival Tickets On Sale Now!

29 09 2008

Wow…I’m surprised no one called me out on this one sooner.  I checked on this a few weeks back but the site wasn’t up yet.

As Steve notes in a previous post, tickets for the 2008 Decatur Wine Festival on Saturday, Nov. 1st are now on sale.  Tickets are 30 bucks each.

Assuming you can sober up from the Beer Festival by then, get your tickets here!

I’m Never Leaving Town Again!

29 09 2008

The last time I left town for a few days, I came back and there was no gas.

This time when I left, there was still no gas so I thought…phew! at least I won’t have that surprise waiting for me! But now I log on to find out that the Dow has plummeted, my bank has been bought by Citigroup, and Creative Loafing has filed for Chapter 11!

What the hell? Why are world markets and alt-weeklies so opposed to my relaxation?

But seriously, I hope CL can survive…those guys are top-notch in my book and have given me a lot of moral support over the past year.  Perhaps its because of their “alt-nature”, but CL gets local blogs.  Many of their writers come from or maintain their own sites, not to mention must-read Fresh Loaf.

On the other hand, the AJC just takes from local blogs, while supporting a tired list of their own contraptions, which are really just op-ed pages moved online, sections of the paper that have gotten severely cutback (ATLarts..cough cough) or ridiculous attempts to provoke unmoderated conversation amongst its often insane commenters.

Give me Creative Loafing any day of the week.  Or once a week, in a plastic green bin outside Whit’s End…that works too.

6th Annual Low Country Boil!

28 09 2008

Yum! Mudbugs!

Carl sends along the info for the 6th Annual Low Country Boil at the Solarium on October 23rd, which benefits Decatur School’s Education Foundation

Buy your tickets here!

Emory Wants 75% of Its Food to Be Local by 2015

27 09 2008

CL reports on Emory’s ambitious, new sustainable food initiative that’s end goal is to buy 75% local by 2015.

That’s an extraordinary percentage, especially in winter (more root vegetables anyone?)…but hey, I’m not the expert.

Regardless, its great to see such a huge establishment sign onto the slow/local food movement.

Though some may mistaken this sustainable food thing as just the next fad in the endless waves of new “diets”, in reality its much larger than that.  As long as China and India continue to use more and more oil, raising oil (and food) prices to new highs, AND people worry about the effects on the environment, a good percentage of folks will continue to turn to local foods in an effort reduce their own carbon footprints and support the local economy.

Sorry to go all Bill McKibben on everyone, but I just wanted to say “cheers!” to Emory for being so forward thinking in this area.  Perhaps such a huge commitment will help revive one of the rarest elements of the modern landscape: the local farm.

Before I Forget…

26 09 2008

I’ll be running around the next few days, so posting may be a little light, but I just wanted to mention that Decatur Metro turned 1 year old today! (If you include its first week when it was called “Blogging Decatur”)

It sure has come a long way from just blogging to myself and a couple random folks that thought I was the official city website. Seriously, “beyond expectations” doesn’t even begin to describe it for me.

Thanks to everyone for reading and participating over the past 12 months. Who ever knew that community involvement could be so fun!?

90 Days (Eeek!) of Ponce/Scott Paving Begins Sunday Night

25 09 2008

Wondering when the DOT was going to make good on its promise to resurface Ponce/Scott (from N. Druid to Moreland) beyond just the ends of Scott’s side streets?

A thoughtful Thomas Wheatley provides the answer in the form of a DOT press release…

ATLANTA – A 5.7 mile corridor of Ponce de Leon Avenue/Scott Boulevard will be resurfaced beginning Sunday night, Sept. 28, as contractors for the Georgia Department of Transportation begin closing traffic lanes to accommodate the work from North Druid Hills Road to Moreland Avenue.

Work will begin on the two southbound lanes, with crews closing one lane and leaving the other open to traffic for a distance of about one mile. Once one lane has been resurfaced, traffic will be shifted to the finished lane and the second southbound lane will be resurfaced. Crews will repeat the process mile-by-mile to Moreland Avenue, where they will reverse direction and work in the same way on the northbound lanes.

Crews will work from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays. The work is expected to be completed within 90 days. Workers have already completed patching work and side street improvements in preparation for the mainline work. The work is necessary due to the wear and tear caused by heavy traffic along the corridor.

Motorists should anticipate lane closures with some traffic backup during the construction hours.

Can a grown man pull off “eeek!”?

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