Summer Fun: Many Bond Projects Scheduled to Begin Soon!

30 04 2008

Yes, we’ve seen the “directionally-challenged” wayfinding signs going up (and sometimes blocking/or being blocked by other street signs), we’ve seen some impressive sidewalk replacement, and the construction of McKoy Pool, but really we’re waiting for the city’s larger bond projects to get underway.

Well, hold onto your hats Decatur citizens because starting this summer/early fall, much of that $14.6 mil will begin to be spent!

Check it out: (And click the links for more detail)

West Ponce/West Trinity Bike Lanes: (Start Date: June 08 )

Oakhurst Streetscape Improvements: We’re talkin’ trees, sidewalks and crosswalks in downtown Oakhurst (Start date: July 08 )

Downtown Streetscapes: East Trinity and Church Street get a facelift (Start Date: Sept 08 )

Fire Station 2 Rebuilt: Oakhurst Fire Station 2 being replaced (Start Date: Aug 08 )

Decatur Cemetery: Stormdrains? Not sure what else. (Start Date: Sept 08 )

Glenlake Park: Tennis players took issue with plans to cut back on the # of tennis courts due to a natural spring under them, but these plans (that include many changes and improvements to the whole park) were still approved by the city commission. Wonder where they will put the new tennis courts. (Start Date: Sept 08 )

All of this is taken from the city’s website, so start dates and whatnot may not be absolutely up-to-date.

I welcome any info, updates or revisions!

Little Shop of Stories Opens in New Space

29 04 2008

InDecatur notes that Little Shop of Stories opened in its new, larger location in the Starbucks building today, above next to Vivid Boutique (in the old Adams Realty space).

A post on the shop’s blog says “The new store will have larger sections for kid’s nonfiction, picture books, YA and so much more.”, but villainishly refuses to post pictures. 🙂

Can’t wait to check it out!

QUESTION: Does that giant metal frog have a name?

Trinity Triangle Construction Start Date Still Unknown

28 04 2008

Apparently we shouldn’t take the recent demolition of the Relax Inn and the old temporary City Hall as an indication that the Trinity Triangle construction is just around the corner. (Walked by the other night and noticed that most of the rubble has been removed)

A blurb in the AJC quotes assistant city manager Lyn Menne saying that the development company still wants to do a market study before breaking ground.

This is in line with rumblings up until now…its value is that it’s just a more recent confirmation of what we already knew.

Here’s the whole blurb (since the AJC often deletes articles within weeks of online publication)

Demolition is nearly complete at a high-profile but under-utilized corner in downtown Decatur where a Texas developer plans to build up to 180 apartments with ground-level retail.

But it’s not clear when construction will begin. The development company, Cypress Real Estate Advisors, which took over the project last year, plans to conduct a market study to determine the project’s size and other variables such as rental rates, said Lyn Menne, an assistant city manager for Decatur.

The 2.5-acre site, known as the “Trinity Triangle,” was home to an aging motel, the Relax Inn. The property is at the intersection of East Trinity Place and East Howard Avenue, across the train tracks from Agnes Scott College.

The property also includes a Dairy Queen beloved by longtime residents. The restaurant is still open and the development plans include the right for the shop’s owners to move into the new retail space.

Plans call for the new apartment community to include a swimming pool and fitness center.

What is “Coming Soon”?

28 04 2008

A new sign at the corner of Commerce and Trinity, on the corner of the old Wordsmiths/Post Office property says “Coming Soon” and displays a picture of a giant lollipop.

Now, I don’t know about you, but last I checked a picture of candy only meant one thing.  CANDY!

Last we heard, the old Post Office was to become a “high end gift shop”.  Is it really a high-end candy store?

AJC Reports Gas Line Break on W. Parkwood Dr.

25 04 2008

From the AJC

DeKalb County firefighters are responding to a gas line rupture at the western edge of Decatur.

Construction crews broke a gas line Friday morning at 316 West Parkwood, said Mekka Parish, spokeswoman for the DeKalb Police Department.

Fire department officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

Why would DeKalb County firefighters respond to a gas line rupture within the city limits?

Cutting Holes in 315 W. Ponce

25 04 2008

Walked past the 315 W. Ponce office tower today and saw construction crews cutting large holes, which I assume will be windows, into the first floor, Ponce Pl. elevation of the building. A peek inside looked like a basement.

I wonder what they will be showing off through those windows. [UPDATE: Cherie gives us the answer in the comments section]

The preservationist in me cringes, while the realist recognizes that it is a pretty unfriendly building from the sidewalk. I better get used to it. It’s just the first of many changes to this site over the coming monthsyears.

Decatur’s Premiere Fashion Event – Form.02 This Sat.

24 04 2008

After a long day at the Inman Park Festival this Saturday why not stop by the Courthouse for a fashion show with “notoriously gorgeous models” showcasing Decatur boutique fashion and drinks from The Brick Store and Twain’s?

Here are the details, straight off the DBA website

Decatur’s premiere fashion event is here! Form.02 is a showcase of the fashion and food of Decatur. It’s also a great excuse for a party.

Join Q100’s “The Bert Show” host Jenn Hobby and DJ Christo as the latest looks for men, women, and children for spring and summer-and a fall preview-are strutted down the runway by our notoriously gorgeous models.

Enjoy beer from Twain’s and The Brick Store, signature drink Form 2wist, and food from Decatur’s top restaurants, along with giveaways and door prizes from Decatur businesses.

The details:
Date: Saturday, April 26 Time: Doors open at 7 p.m., show begins at 8:30 p.m. Location: Old Decatur Courthouse on the Square, 101 E. Court Square in downtown Decatur. Cover: $20 (Proceeds benefit the Decatur Business Association)
Participating Boutiques: Boogaloos, DressCodes, Eviva, Kaleidoscope, Peggy’s Boutique, Squash Blossom, Whit’s End, and Wiggle

Tickets may be purchased in advance at Kaleidoscope, Boogaloos, Squash Blossom, and DressCodes.

h/t: Daily Candy (via my wife)

Zebra Turns Up in Emory-Oxford Campus Building

23 04 2008

The AJC reports that someone put a zebra on the 3rd floor of Seney Hall on Emory’s Oxford campus last night.

The story front and center on its homepage – as of noon today.  (Seriously?  The AJC?  Isn’t this story more along the lines of say…a crummy blog?  It’s no wonder I read the NY Times first every morning.)

BTW…Call me old-fashioned (or maybe just sober) but causing an animal undue stress for a pointless campus prank isn’t funny.

Bush Ups Fuel Economy Standard 4 mpg

22 04 2008

For an automakers collective fleet…from 27.5 mpg today to 31.6 mpg by 2015. Click here for the full story.

If only he had been a lame-duck 4 years ago.

Happy Earth Day!

Elizabeth Wilson’s Impact on Decatur

22 04 2008

Next month, former Decatur mayor Elizabeth Wilson will receive an honorary doctorate from Agnes Scott.  In honor, Decatur eLife magazine has produced a three part series telling her story.

Watch Part 1 of 3 below and hear how Wilson was one of the first African-American women to get a library card in DeKalb County.

Make sure to check out Part 2, which comes out on the eLife website tomorrow.

h/t: Bill Floyd Decatur (who incidentally opens the piece)