“Halt! I am the Sausage that Guards This Castle!”

30 11 2007

This 1888 illustration begs the question: what is more disturbing? A fox trying to eat its natural prey (like say a chicken) or a fox attempting to murder an anthropomorphized sausage?

The illustration above and others can be found in an excellent history of children’s books slideshow on Slate.com, called “Where the Wild Things Came From”. (Click here to view)

If the slideshow makes you nostaligic for great children’s books (like it did for me) might I suggest stopping by Little Shop of Stories on the way home and picking up a couple of classics under the pretense that you’re buying gifts for your 5 year-old nephew’s birthday party?

In-Town Living Popular or Unpopular?

30 11 2007

A couple days after Fresh Loaf reported on an ARC report that “attributes the reduction of forested- and agricultural-land development to the recent housing-market slump and, to a lesser extent, the growing popularity of living intown and mixed-use developments.”, another report out of Haaaavaard University says the exact opposite.

Harvard smart dude, Mark Duda, says “The data indicates Atlanta’s strong suburban housing stock and lack of geographic barriers has hindered in-town reclamation and gentrification of neighborhoods hardest hit by foreclosures. Rather than moving inside the city and buying foreclosed properties, local residents have a plethora of housing options along the city’s perimeter.”

To sum up…sprawl has slowed because of the housing market and people’s desire to live in-town, but people aren’t buying in-town because there’s plenty of housing options amongst the sprawl.

Confused? Me too.