Sharian Rugs Renovates

25 11 2007


“About the only things that haven’t changed in this town are the courthouse and Sharian Rugs.” AJC 2/16/06

Sharian, one of Decatur’s oldest businesses (est. 1931), is giving its buildings at 368 Ponce de Leon Ave a much-needed makeover.

The oriental rug retailer and cleaner has given its distinctive Art Deco office building a fresh coat of paint and removed its “Sharian” lettering from over the door (also being restored?). Additionally, the company’s long, oddly-situated, 1950s-era brick showroom (to the left in the picture above) is better-utilizing its spot along Ponce and installing a display window.

The interiors of both buildings are also under major renovation, as is quite evident when its rooms are lit in the evenings.

First and Second Generation Sharians in 1968 (Courtesy of