Give Thanks…

21 11 2007

Since the holiday is upon us and most everyone around town is in a noticeably better mood at the prospect of a 4 day weekend, I will resist the urge to rail against the latest announced Sembler project (“it’s just big box disguised as mixed use!”), and instead offer up a few things found on the interweb that we might want to give thanks for tomorrow.

1. The decline of violence in Iraq. Regardless of your view of this administration and its execution of the war, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike shouldn’t let their distaste for our president cause them to wish for anything less than relative calm in Iraq. No, it’s not democracy, yes, it could get worse, but for now we should have hope that maybe the quagmire isn’t as deep as once thought. [See Hitchens in Slate]

2. Turkey to eat, so good.

3. Sweet North Georgia Rain. “Rainfall amounts are expected to total around a half-inch, the rain will taper off by Thursday night, but return later in the holiday weekend, the Weather Service said.”

4. Oregonian Pinot Noir. Because I’m not drinking any F****n’ Merlot! (Warning: Expletives in link)

5. Day after Thanksgiving movies. Head over to Midtown Arts Cinema and check out “I’m Not There” (NY Times review)

What a weird list…