DeKalb Commissioner: “We have been an embarrassment to DeKalb County”

14 11 2007

It seems that tensions are high among DeKalb top officials. At yesterday’s city commission meeting, where commissioners voted 4 to 3 in favor of 2:30a closing times for DeKalb bars, they also had a few choice words for each other AND for DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones.

Go DeKalb reports…

“Jones and [Commissioner] Ellis began to argue, with Ellis rebuking the CEO for threatening the commissioners when the microphones were off. Ellis said Jones indicated to the police department not to give Ellis police protection. “He’s done it before and he is doing it again.”

The argument came to a close when [Commissioner] May interrupted and said, “We have been an embarrassment to DeKalb County. I am sick of it. This is ridiculous. We are wasting time. Let’s vote this up or down and move on.”


Decatur Artist Community Continues to Grow

14 11 2007

Folk and children’s music singer John McCutcheon has packed his bags and moved from Charlottesville, Virginia to the edge Decatur, GA. Charlottesville’s “The Hook” weekly newspaper morns the loss.

“Atlanta feels like it has a really interesting, dynamic, working musical community,” he says. “The best acoustic venue is five minute from my house.”

That would be Eddie’s Attic, a listening room favored by Sugarland, who have also asked about collaborating with McCutcheon. It seems he’s already started to find his place there.

Sure enough, a show in December has him playing at a benefit concert in a local high school. “I remember going to play at my kids’ elementary school, and they had a big poster over the stage that said ‘Welcome Will and Peter’s Dad.’ And I thought, ‘That’s who I am here.’”

If you’re looking to see McCutcheon in performance, his webpage says that he’ll be performing at Druid Hills High School on Dec. 16th.

The Depeaux Featured in Access Atlanta

14 11 2007

Decatur’s Depeaux gets a feature in Access Atlanta this week.  The AJC’s Bob Townsend highlights both the renovated Train Depot and the restaurant’s spicy eats.

Regardless of your position on whether the depot should have been completely gutted after the Decatur Preservation Alliance raised $250,000 to move it, you have to admit the new “Depeaux” looks darn good.  Plus the food is comforting and delicious.   The $5.95 red beans and rice is a meal in itself!  Couple that with a HUGE glass of draft beer and you’re set for the evening.