Chris George Carlos to Cut Back Water Usage

13 11 2007

If you’ve been paying attention to local or national news, you may have heard about one water user in Atlanta that’s consuming a lot more than everyone else. About 60 times more. That’s about 400,000 gallons a month.

Well, David over at Decatur-DeKalb reports that WSB 750 radio is saying that Carlos has said that he will cut back water usage. Channel 2 now has the full story.  It seems that the 400,000 gallons a month claim was slightly over stated.  It was ONLY 121,000!  Apparently, Carlos was having his landscapers continuous change out plantings so he was still within the law.

David has also done some impressive bloggeresque digging to nearly linking the water guzzler with Emory’s Michael C. Carlos benefactor.

I’m not sure this means much to Emory. The university only accepts cash, not tap water.

Harry Potter Themed Classes Take School From Worst to First

13 11 2007

Speaking of Harry Potter…

An elementary school in Nottinghamshire, England has jumped from the bottom 25% of schools nationally to just outside the top 5% over the last three years deciding to let students pick a theme for the curriculum every year. Naturally they picked Harry Potter!

The Daily Mail has the details…

This term has seen the seven to 11 year olds learning subtraction with the help of a Potter-esque “spell”, writing their own plays based on the best-selling books and even keeping fit by pretending to get on and off imaginary broomsticks.

Year classes have been named Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, after the school houses at Hogwarts, the wizards’ school attended by Harry in the novels and hit movies.

The children wave wands as they join in the fun of learning and staff have got in the spirit of things by donning wigs and costumes.

Perhaps someone should suggest this at the next Decatur charter school meeting…

Hattip: The Leaky Cauldron

Click the continuation for a full list of the Harry Potter curriculum at the school. Read the rest of this entry »

Saddam Hussein Cried at Last Meeting

13 11 2007

The New York Daily News revels in the fact that a new book by journalist Ronald Kessler describes how Saddam Hussein cried at his last meeting with an FBI agent that had strategically become the dictator’s best friend while in prison.

Andrew Sullivan points out this is how effective interrogation is done.  Befriend the enemy to get what you want. Waterboarding, scare tactics and embarrassment techniques are for impatient amateurs (aka “Cheney’s thugs”).

What did Harry want Voldemort to do at the bitter end? Experience regret.

Sober Up DeKalb! Commission Sets 2:30am bar closing, but…

13 11 2007

“The DeKalb County Commission Tuesday approved a ban on alcohol sales in bars and restaurants after 2:30 a.m. most days, but Chief Executive Officer Vernon Jones vowed to veto the measure by 3 p.m. today.

The measure would roll back bar closing hours in DeKalb to match those in Atlanta and other metro jurisdictions, but would grandfather establishments that existed in DeKalb before January 2005.

If Jones vetoes the measure, the commission can override with five votes out of the seven members.”


So, does the commission have the votes to override Jones’ veto? Who voted for/against it this time around? UPDATE: Decatur-DeKalb says that Fox5 reports a 4-3 decision.

Decatur isn’t directly impacted by this DeKalb’s drinking ordinance, since as a self-governing city, we think and drink for ourselves. So, those planning on attending Preston Craig’s B-Day party (with petting zoo) this Friday have nothing to worry about for now.

Update: According to GoDeKalb the meeting got pretty heated with Commissoner Ellis “rebuking the CEO for threatening the commissioners when the microphones were off” Ellis said Jones indicated to the police department not to give Ellis police protection. “He’s done it before and he is doing it again.”

Sonny’s Praying Ticks Off Atlanta Blogosphere

13 11 2007

It seems that many Atlanta area bloggers echo my sentiments of last week and are severely annoyed by Sonny’s rain-o-thon today. It’s been national news all morning. CNN TV and .com reported on it this morning. In fact, had a live feed up on its homepage earlier!

Radical Georgia Moderate is so irradiated by the photo op that he’s expectorating!

Pecanne Log wonders if her bumper-sticker touting conservative neighbor will join the fray at the Capitol.

Fresh Loaf cops my “Sonny’s Rain Dance” post title (unintentionally) and is skeptical about the timing of the event (with showers in tomorrow’s forecast)

DriftGrift is going to the chapel…I mean the Capitol…and promises a report later…[Later: DriftGrift’s report of freaks at the Capitol]

I love it when Georgia makes the national news, don’t you?