Decatur Sports Second-Largest % of Lesbian Couples in Nation

7 11 2007

According to’s new Top 101 Cities Lists (which has SO much data on cities that you could spend weeks going through it) Decatur has the second-largest percentage (1.9%) of lesbian couples in the country, behind only Northhampton, MA (2.7%). The city also ranks 16th in percentage of gay male couples (1.3%).

The site says it counts “self-reported male-male/female-female unmarried partner households” as “gay” or “lesbian”.

If you want to OD on more data about Decatur (like average home price graphs, most common industries for females, crime, snowfall, past health violations) click here or check out this insanely long list of Top 101 Cities Lists

I’ll see what other tidbits I can undercover in the coming days. Feel free to add you own findings about various demographic data below!

Hattip: Hit & Run

UPDATE: With tongue firmly planted in check, InDecatur wants to be number #1 and kick some Northhampton Smith College butt!

My a cappella group used to travel to Smith to sing in concerts and competitions back in college. From what I remember of those evenings (which is very little), Decatur already outperforms Northhampton in terms of Food and Drink options. But we don’t have the historic buildings and theaters that Northhampton claims.

Sonny’s Rain Dance

7 11 2007

Ethiopian Rain Dance Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

From the AJC…Governor seeks divine intervention to get some rain

Apparently, when La Nina weather patterns don’t favor the Georgia Piedmont, our state government resorts to doing a 21st century rain dance. The Georgia gov will host a prayer service at the Capitol next week to pray for rain.

But don’t just show up on the Capitol lawn next Tuesday at 11:45a! Like any good photo op, this event is invitation only.

I just hope this counts as part of Sonny’s lunch hour and doesn’t take him away from finding real solutions to our water problems.

Update: The AP has picked up this story too. [hattip:Hit & Run – who’s post title is “Where Church vs. State Goes to Die”]

Jim Baskett Reelected as Decatur Commish

7 11 2007

With 8 of 9 precincts reporting, it looks like Jim Baskett has been reelected as Decatur’s Commissoner-at-large with 55% of the vote.   It was a surprisingly close race, considering that Alvin McNeely’s main argument for election was “I really, really want it!”.  Perhaps there were some unstated reasons why some would choose McNeely over Baskett, but I had a hard time picking up on them.

Across the rest of DeKalb the headline is “Tough night for Incumbents!” as several mayors got the ax.  This included Avondale Estates incumbent Jerry McCumber, who was ousted by challenger Ed Rieker.  Both candidates voiced support for the city’s redevelopment plan, but recent criticism against McCumber about secret meetings with the DOT and the developer may have led to his defeat.

Click here for all DeKalb election results