Massive “Decatur Court” Parking Lot Could Become Hotel

3 11 2007

From the AJC

Officials with Atlanta-based Day Capital Partners said they are exploring the possibility of building a retail strip and a multi-family housing development at the parking lot of a 10-story office building the company purchased in late October.

Planning is in the early stages, officials say, but the redevelopment might include a hotel. The company plans to keep the 43-year-old office tower, Decatur Court, which is about 90 percent leased.

So…does this qualify as commercial development next to R60 zoning, even though the little bungalows to the northside of Decatur Court sit across the street? If so, I wonder what Jim Baskett thinks about this, since he’s mentioned regulating commercial next to R60 often during his reelection campaign. Regardless, I think the folks that live on Montgomery St. will be wary of this idea. Yes, Decatur Court is one of the tallest buildings in town, but hopefully the city won’t let Day Capital build an 80 foot hotel to its rear. We’ve already dealt with that issue over in Old Decatur.

On the other hand, I do think the city could benefit from a nicer hotel. Thoughts?

Hattip: InDecatur

A Call for Wine Festival Pics and Recommendations

3 11 2007

I’ve been in ASO recording sessions for the Brahms Requiem all afternoon (see Pierre Ruhe’s review from Thursday here), so I tragically missed the Wine Festival.  As a result I’m relying on anyone that reads this entry to report back from the festival in the comments section with their favorite wines of the afternoon (hint: I’m partial to reds).

Also send any pics you took to and I’ll post them here and over on my Flikr site.

Hope all had a less than sober afternoon!   Off to the Saturday night concert!